The Children’s Commissioner has called for a Digital Ombudsman to mediate for children
following the year long study entitled ‘Growing Up Digital ‘.
It states 3-4 year olds online use has increased from 6 hours 48 minutes to 8 hours 18
minutes a week over the last year – children are now spending half their leisure time online.

Readit2 encourages parents and professionals working with pre-schoolers to remember
back to when they were little – what were the most magical moments of their childhood? What did they enjoy? Who were they with? Where were they? Where does that cosy cuddle and a story fit in? They are memories many of us have many of todays pre-schoolers are now missing out on… and yet… they are SO very important in many ways.

We all need to support to support parents and EY professionals to preserve that warm, emotionally engaging story time in schools and settings to offer children who aren’t having that daily cuddle and story at home those opportunities.

Eva, who works with Readit2, was browsing through the collection of Readit2 selected
books today. She got emotional, when she saw Dear Zoo – it brought back
memories from when she was little. Warm memories of love and fun.

We can’t under-estimate just how crucial those moments are to children. Many of us remember back
to our childhoods – special moments with people we love. An emotional closeness with a
story are often recounted to me as those most important of warm memories.

Stories teach children about so much – Don Holdaway wrote about the teachings a story
offers in his book, the Foundations of Literacy back in 1988. But the learning offered is more than just of the story as Eva shared.

Readit2 trains adults to inspire children to build an emotional bond with reading and
learning through a daily ‘magical 10 minutes’ – the book being the vehicle to support those
conversations that matter with an ‘emotionally available’ adult. If you’re a a professional or a parent, remember it matters.

The Magic 10 Minutes

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