Readit2 now has Discovery Packs to support children's home learning.

Readit2 COVID update

Readit2 is a one-to-one reading programme, created for schools and EY provides to develop and improve the reading of all 2- to 8 -year-olds. It has been used to improve the lives of 100s of children across the UK over the last few years in Primary, Infant and Nursery schools and PVIs. It has a new resource ‘Discovering Stories with Sarah’ discovery packs. Created to support schools and families during these challenging times – a home learning tool with a difference. The, made with love, up cycled, recycled, handmade boxes are full of artefacts to inspire your children to talk, create and make. Included in the packs are two carefully created, mini handmade books for your child to use and an array of ideas on how to use them with your child through a collection of mini video clips accessed by a QR code. There are two options – with a carefully selected picture book or without. 88 have already been sold, and more are on order!

Reading benefits children

Readit2 focuses on helping young children to develop that, oh so important LOVE of reading, that in the earliest years comes when accompanied by the love and warmth offered by close contact of someone who shows they ‘care’. At home it’s that special time when an adult is ‘present’ and enjoys a few moments with their child.  In school this is called ‘professional love’.

At its core is Readit2’s unique emphasis on the development of an emotional attachment with reading and learning which has been proven to make the difference to children’s long-term happiness and educational achievement. COVID restrictions offer challenges to schools and early years settings to create that so important bond. Readit2 continues to train school staff on its programme – please do get in touch.

Stories with Sarah was created during the COVID lockdown to support families to inspire children and illustrates some of the approaches to reading used in the Readit2 programme.  

‘Discovering Stories with Sarah’ discovery pack


Readit2 helps children develop an emotional bond with reading and learning before starting school and continues when at school. Daily reading with the same adult builds a child’s trust, supporting them to learn because learning is an emotional activity.

Click here to be taken to the new home pack, ‘Discovering Stories with Sarah’

At the core of Readit2 is an emphasis on the development of an emotional attachment to reading and learning: it is this daily one-to-one reading experience between a child and expert practitioner that has been proven to make a difference.

Developed by Sarah Kingham, who has over 30 years experience of working with a wide range of settings, the programme is informed by both research and personal experience. She passionately believes that all children can enter school with the pre-literacy skills that enable them to successfully learn to read. Once the programme had been successfully trialled, assessed and more recently validated by OFSTED, Sarah decided to set up a social enterprise dedicated to extending its reach and impact.

Readit2 has one clear aim: to help children who are identified as needing early intervention at ages two to five enter school as reading equals, through an emotionally bonding, one-to-one reading experience. It’s not complex: it’s grounded in theory and research and has been commented on in several Ofsted report

Stories with Sarah is a Youtube channel hosting a collection of stories, read dialogically – to engage children cognitively – to think. The clips starting with a peach background are stories read FOR children, those with a purple background share simple, fun and easily practical ideas for parents to engage with their children.

“Inspiring training with a wonderful tool to empower children to love to read and learn, the emotional approach has made a deep impact on my general view of teaching in the Early Years.”
EYFS Co-ordinator attending Readit2 training, February 2018

Most importantly, Readit2 has had a significant impact on children in
receipt of Early Years Pupil Premium. Their parents have commented on their
improved sustained concentration, their greater interest in books and
greater desire to read. The assessments over a short period of time
revealed a ‘narrowing of the gap’ between lower and
higher-achieving children. As a result, Reception baselines will be
raised in schools admitting children who have benefited from Readit2, as
the children will know more about books and print when they start
school and will therefore be more ready to learn to read.

Pointing at words when you are reading, moving your finger along the line from left to right helps children understand that you are reading the words on the page.

Ways to implement the Readit2 programme

The programme has been implemented in a variety of ways in the different schools and settings. Its impact has been as significant for all the children on the receiving end of the one-to-one reading – an emotional bond with reading and learning established, children confidently observed enthusing about books and story; an acceleration in progress.

Roebuck Primary School trained their Teaching Assistants throughout the school on the Readit2 programme. Each day they come into the Nursery for 20 minutes to read with their named children. It’s a special time for both the children and the TAs. The children have developed an interest and will to read and a bond with learning.

At Peartree Way Nursery School, a member of staff was appointed as the Readit2 practitioner. She read daily with the selected children.

One of the results noticed in all the settings was the high levels of self esteem these children had, when, several weeks later the rest of the children were introduced to the books. Books that they loved and knew. They became the experts.

“It’s been pretty much one of the best things we have done, …Already just in 6 weeks, the impact it has had has been phenomenal. The young, disadvantaged children in our Nursery class are just so enthusiastic and motivated to read which they weren’t before, they have big smiles on their faces whenever they read. They all … have their one-to-one…. when the adult comes into the room they literally skip with excitement. They’re looking forward to it … they want to go and spend the time reading in that reading area … we’ve had several parents who have come back to tell us that just when the parent reads at home their child is more engaged, concentrating, better attention and more motivated to read books at home.

Richard Fordham, Headteacher, Roebuck Primary School, Hertfordshire, January 2016