As educational professionals, we are used to hearing, seeing and reading many claims about what can happen as the result of a new intervention. I won’t ever say that the Readit2 one-to-one reading programme can solve 100% of any problem, however what I do know from my own research and observations is that it has made a positive difference.

  • Readit2 will inspire reading leaders to think about how and what they do with children, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds.  The programme supports and mentors the readers with skills to enable them to develop and grow. It provides a framework and a strong emotional reason for disengaged parents to engage in reading with their children.
  • Educational leaders face increasing challenges to ensure that all children learn to read. Receiving literacy-orientated pre-schoolers ready to learn to read will raise both the reception baseline on entry and the EYFSP data. It’s the best way to spend your Early Years Pupil Premium.
  • Children who have missed pre-school, arrived from elsewhere, or who would benefit from continued support from the Readit2 programme can have this as well – it could seamlessly transfer into school.
  • Reception children’s baselines higher as they show an increased understanding of books and reading and are more ready to learn to read.
  • Parental engagement increased as children ‘become easier to parent’ – developing sustained involvement through experiencing a daily one-to- one reading experience.
  • More children arriving in reception with a knowledge and love of books.
  • A lowering of the numbers of children entering school with limited vocabulary.
  • A narrowing of the gap between lower and higher-attaining children.
  • More disadvantaged children with the pre-literacy skills their peers have.

More schools and settings have trained their staff in the Readit2 approach, and are now observing the results – pre-school children developing an emotional bond with books and reading, all ready to enter school as reading equals.

“Readit2 is pretty much one of the best things we have done… already in just 6 weeks, the impact it’s had has been phenomenal… young disadvantaged children in our Nursery class are just so enthusiastic and motivated to read which they weren’t before….
At Heath Lane Nursery School, practitioners were trained on the Readit2 programme. The programme was offered to children who were eligible for EY Pupil Premium. The Readit2 reading approach has had wide reaching benefits for our vulnerable and disadvantaged children. Notably, it has had a measurable impact on children’s Personal, Social and Emotional Development.  It has increased children’s confidence and self-esteem significantly, developing positive relationships for them with adults in the Nursery School.  The regular, systematic approach, providing one-to-one reading between the child and adult, has enabled children to gain visible enjoyment sharing books and this has hugely impacted on developing their listening and speaking skills. Data analysis has showed that Pupil Premium children made at least 4 steps progress in PSED and in Communication and Language.   At the same time, more experienced Pupil Premium children who were a part of the Readit2 programme were able to be challenged and supported, so that they made at least typical progress in Literacy.”
Pauline Kirtley, Headteacher, Heath Lane Nursery School, September 2016
I’m using my EYFS PPG – but I can honestly say that it is having an impact at Martinswood despite only being in the very early stages. No wonder the schools already using it speak so highly of what has happened in their school. …. many will think they can set it up for themselves but what has been of great value here is getting all the TAs together to talk about the reading experience and that has boosted their engagement with listening to and supporting reading across the whole school.”
Tom Evans, Headteacher at Martinswood Primary School, September 2016