Discovering Stories with Sarah Discovery Packs

Buy your child a Discovery Pack  – recycled, up cycled and hand made! Just fill in the contact section below and we can get creating your child’s handmade Discovery Pack.  over 385 already sold!

‘I love my piece of treasure best and I love the lovely box because I can make up so many stories.’ Maia age 6

Each pack contains a couple of ‘hand-made’ blank mini books, and a little box of organic/recycled resources for your child to use to make their own stories and explore the world of maths. A fun, thought-provoking question has been added to prompt discussion and inspire children to think creatively – all made for little hands and big curious minds – a bargain at £13 (free local delivery) or £18 if you’d also like a surprise carefully selected children’s picture book as well. For orders greater than 50 each box is a bargain at £11.

‘This jam packed box of everyday bits and bobs is a treasure chest of special things – I have had so many conversations with my 5 year old who comes alive asking questions and is so keen to replace all the bits at the end so he can play with them another time – what a lovely idea’.

Short video clips are being created and will be available soon, as QR codes, to explain to you and/or your child, different ways the packs can be used to support children in understanding the world into which they have been born, enhance literacy and numeracy understanding.  Based upon an understanding that for young children, learning is an emotional activity. An ideal resource for parents and schools looking for creative home/school learning activities for a range of ages – or just for children to enjoy. The short clips have been created to cover a variety of areas of early learning – and there are lots more planned for both children and adults….

understanding print,

development of early sight vocabulary through fun, non judgemental questions with yes/no answers leading to real conversation

measuring with non standard measures,

number and counting,

sorting and classifying,

data handling – including simple ways of recording,

a look at recipes – an explanation of – including photos and short films of cooking,

a look at tickets, what print is on them, why is it there and who may have used it?

a look at maps – what do they show, how do they help people find their way around?

story making,




An array of language and mathematical activities are included from the creative question under the lid of the box – being hand made, there are a number of different questions, all leading themselves to quality conversation and fun, easy ways of recording!

So, there you are – early data handling! 

And just as exciting, this concept of looking ‘closely at’ and using ‘everyday’ objects as a way to teach and assess children aged 3-6 years, has very recently been used to train ALL the Kindergarten teachers of the UAE on ways to assess their children online! Get in touch if you’re interested in knowing more.

What you need to know

  • I’m happy to answer any questions, using the form below
  • Boxes can be created with a specific focus, on request
  • Bespoke QR codes can be created for schools or parents 
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Step back and watch the magic happen!!

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