Reading out loud benefits brain development.

Introducing Stories with Sarah

During the first 2020 UK COVID lockdown, Sarah was her neighbourhood COVID co-ordinator. At Easter, the community decided to sing the song, Amazing Grace, outside their front doors to draw the community together. Sarah offered to share one of her favourite stories, Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman, a story she loved and one that she knew well. She received positive feedback from her reading and was asked to share other stories,  Stories with Sarah came into being.

The majority of the stories on the channel were made for children. These stories have an orange front, and the majority have been read in a way that encourage the child who is listening to the reading to be an active participant. It encourages conversation which is proven to advance children’s reading skills.

Life is a story. We all have a story to tell. Yes, all of us. Taking time to listen shows someone that you care. What better way to spend time with your child than with a book, and with that too and fro conversation that allows emotions to be shared, vocabulary developed and creativity to flow. Stories with Sarah is here to inspire those moments with your child.



 “The more that you read,

 The more things you will know,

 The more that you learn,

 The more places you’ll go.”

Dr Seuss

Sarah has included some examples of things parents can do with their children that develop that ‘oh so important talk’. There are ideas here for new parents and those with older children.

“I remember you recommending this title Amazing Grace to me during my professional development as an NQT at HDC. Your presence is still with me and you continue to inspire me as an educator Sarah.”

Victoria Plumb, Athens, Greece  2020

“Annie loves your stories and although only two, now asks almost daily to listen to ‘Stories with Sarah’. 

Thank you.” 

Laura, Annie’s Mum

“Thank you so much for sharing your Stories with Sarah, Simple Bookmaking for Babies and Toddlers I have just watched your homemade book film and it is fab – what a great idea for new parents and so lovely that you kept the books you made for your children.” 

Alison, Health Visitor 2020

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